Hanwell Ukulele Club (originally known as The Axes Of Evil) was formed in June 2013. The club was the brainchild of Geoff Price, a local musician and started in the back bar of the Inn On The Green (formerly The Dolphin and now The Green W7).

From day one there was a lot of local interest with a dozen or more people attending once a week to play and learn. Over the first year numbers grew and soon attendance was 25 – 30 people every Tuesday night. As word spread, HUG, as we came to be known, were offered opportunities to play ‘gigs’ at various community groups and events. Since then we have grown in numbers, moved locations, played regularly at such events as the Hootie, Hanwell Carnival, Light Up The Lanes and the Greenford Traders annual fair. Our name has also spread far and wide as last year we played gigs in Whitstable and West Wittering. In June we celebrate our 5th anniversary and HUG continues to go from strength to strength, so watch out for us through 2018 and beyond.

Venue: St Mellitus Church http://hanwellukulele.co.uk/